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Liquid glucose
Type: Sweeteners
Brand Name: Xingmao or Neutral bag
HS Code: 1702300000
Qty in 20' FCL: 24 TON
Packing: 300KG/DRUM,25KG IRON TINS
Port: Qingdao,Dalian
Min. Order: 500 KGS
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
QC:  Haccp,Kosher,Halal,Iso
Origin:  China (Mainland)
Appearance Thick transparent liquid, no visible impurities
Smell With a special smell of maltose
Taste Moderate and pure sweet, no odor
Color Colorless or slightly yellow
DE % 40-65
Dry solid 75-85%
PH 4.0-6.0
transmittance 96 min
Infusion Temp℃ 135 min
Protein 0.08% max
Chroma (HaZen) 15 max
Sulfate Ash(mg/kg) 0.4 max
Conductance (us/cm) 30 max
Sulfur dioxide 30 max
Total bacteria 2000 max
Coliform bacteria (cfu/ml) 30 max
As mg/kg 0.5 max
Pb mg/kg 0.5 max
Pathogenic (salmonella) No exist
Liquid glucose also called Corn syrup is syrup,made using cornstarch as a feedstock, and composed mainly of glucose. A series of two enzymatic reactions are used to convert the cornstarch to corn syrup, Its major uses in commercially-prepared foods are as a thickener, sweetener, and for its moisture-retaining (humectant) properties which keep foods moist and help to maintain freshness.
The more general term glucose syrup is often used synonymously with corn syrup, since the former is most commonly made from Corn Starch. Technically, glucose syrup is any liquid starch hydrolysate of mono, di, and higher saccharide, and can be made from any sources of starch; wheat, rice and potatoes are the most common sources.
Physical & Chemical Properties.:
It is Viscous liquid, no visible impurities by naked eyes, colorless or yellowish ,light transparency.
The viscosity and sweetness of the syrup depends on the extent to which the hydrolysis reaction has been carried out. To distinguish different grades of syrup, they are rated according to their "dextrose equivalent" (DE).